Berets for Men

Berets for Men
Berets for Men

Berets for Men

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Men's beret cap for all retro style lovers.

  • Gender: Male
  • Variants Available: 2
  • Colors: Khaki and Beige
  • Composition: Cotton
  • Adjustable Size with Tab, (please see the size guide above for equivalence in your country)
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Free delivery

Want a beret for the summer? Then this one is for you. Over time, the flat cap has established itself as the flagship headgear for this time of year. Indeed, protecting from the sun, this type of beret is ideal for walking in broad daylight without the rays damaging our eyes. In addition, the material it consists of, namely cotton, is particularly suitable for this season. Indeed, it has thermoregulatory capabilities preventing you from sweating, but that's not all. This material is also hypoallergenic, strong, soft, comfortable, durable, resistant and absorbs water well. To talk in more detail about the beret, it is available in 2 colors: beige and khaki. Being two very popular colors in summer, we wanted most of us to be able to find something to suit them, regardless of their tastes. Now let's talk in more depth about the two colors available for this headgear.

Let's start with beige. Being a light and rather neutral color, it serves as a perfect candidate for resisting heat, because it captures and retains very little heat. Besides, do you know the meaning of this color? It is a warm color which refers to softness, elegance, naturalness, simplicity. And if you don't know what colors you can combine it with, let us guide you. Beige likes to be associated with white, navy blue, dark green, purple or even red. On the other hand, it should not be combined with too neutral and cold shades such as blue or pale green. You should also avoid those that are too close, such as yellow, orange or gray. As for khaki, it's different. This color, for its part, symbolizes team spirit, cohesion, and group work. This is also why it is very often associated with the military. In generally, we prefer khaki with tones nude, but it can also be combined with more bold colors such as black, anthracite gray or even camel . The ideal, when choosing khaki worn with a dark color, is to brighten up the outfit with gold details and pastel colors. You now know everything you need to know about these two variants, you are now spoiled for choice between a beige or khaki beret cap !

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